We did nothing with music in Music City and we’ll probably do nothing with corn in Silicorn Valley. But, Jesus said it was time to move and so we did just that. We are now living in both Fairfield and Ottumwa, IA pastoring two Free Methodist Churches. The decision to leave Tennessee wasn’t easy. Tennessee is beautiful. The work we were doing there was fun. We had lots of families from California travel out with us so we weren’t alone. We made new friends. But, when Jesus says go you do just that.

We arrived last Thursday at midnight and have spent the last week getting settled in. Sunday will be our first Sunday teaching at both churches. So much to learn. So much to do. So many stories to hear. So much abiding in Jesus.

Pray for us that we may remain close to one another and live our lives in love as a family. Pray for us as we begin to shepherd, teach, and disciple two congregations in South East Iowa.

One thought on “From Music City to Silicorn Valley

  1. Bless you King family . My our Lord continue to guide you in your new life and mission. I pray you will touch and mentor many followers of Christ to do less harm, do more good and fall further in love with Jesus. Peace be with you as you adjust to all of the new leasons and challenges in your new place. Love ❤️ you all. Lori B.

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