Living Life Destroy the Earth

Everlasting slumber waits,

for those in the ground encased,

locked beneath the sodden soil,

the final fruits of all their toil.

The sleep is ever long and dreary,

the masses come to rest their weary,

long and lonesome is the night,

no ghosts to share their wonton plight.

Lost forever to time and space,

the gone and dead no need for haste,

time the ail that buries all,

wrapping loved ones in its shawl.

Living life destroy the earth,

dying breath contains no mirth,

buried now below the ground,

the land is graced with thorny crown.

Laughing, loving every day,

the soil sucks your bones away,

the price we pay for wonton waste,

is living life to die disgraced.

Hurt the earth while still you can,

for given time you’re in its hand,

it suffers silent while it must,

but takes you laughing with its lust.

Zaccai King (5/10/16)

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