Well, it happened again. Crystal won the “Mother of the Year” award for the 16th year in a row! The kids got to celebrate all weekend long beginning with a yard sale.  Wesley really got into the spirit of bargaining when he talked a lady up in price.  It went something like this …

“How much for this ring?”

“That’s $1.50.”

“Will you take $1.00?”

“Hmm, well, it is a pretty nice piece of jewelry. Maybe we better do $2.00.”

And she bought it!  All the while long Timmy is yelling out, “Free soda!” When I said he couldn’t do that he responded by saying, “It’s ok, dad. The soda is free but they have to pay $2 to open the cooler.”

For more Mother’s Day pictures check out George’s facebook page.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. 1. Yes, Crystal is worthy award winner of “Mother of the Year”
    2. Wesley has a future, for sure 🙂
    3. Timmy is without ANY doubt a King!

    Love you all and thanks for sharing.

    Love Grandmama

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