Of course the answer to this question almost always sounds something like this, “Almost, I still have a few gifts to buy …”  Not really what I mean when I ask, “Are you ready for Christmas?”

It is interesting to me that after the fall of Judah in 586 B.C. and their subsequent return 70 tears later from Babylon we have about a 400 year period of silence.  It seems that God’s people got the message.  Were they following God with all their heart?  I don’t know.  It seems though they at least avoided idol worship.  In fact, their next act of rebellion came when a child, born in humble circumstances, grew up and claimed to be God.  They weren’t quite ready.

Are you ready for Christmas?  Celebrating the birth of Jesus is wonderful and all, but again that’s not what I mean when I ask the question.  I heard this weekend that for every reference to Jesus’ first coming there are eight references to his second coming.  Advent is a season to prepare for the second coming.  Christmas then is that coming.  Maybe it will actually happen on December 25th, maybe it won’t.  No matter.  The real question is, “Are you ready for Christmas?”

We’re working on it.  Slowing down, being mindful of the season’s purpose and the Spirit’s presence help. As our family focuses in on what it means to be ready for Christmas we pray you find yourself ready, too.  Merry Christmas!

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