The kids had Fall break this past week so we decided a little road trip was in order.  There are lots of places to hike and fish, but most of the hiking is quite a ways away.  Some of the hikes were several miles long and since we have little people we looked for something a little less strenuous.  Falls Creek Falls fit the bill.

Falls Creek Falls is about two hours from the house so we loaded up and set out.  After a short hike down to the falls we played around at the bottom and enjoyed the freezing cold water.  It was a great opportunity for Hannah to practice her photography fro digital arts club and for the rest of the kids to practice their mountain goating.  Fortunately it was nice and cool out (low 70s) so the hike back up wasn’t too bad.

After hiking we headed for a nearby lake to try our luck at fishing.  Only Suzanne caught anything, but alas it was an illegally sized bass.  While we fished the little ones got bored and helped Hannah with her photography project by throwing leaves into the air.

The next day we found an advertisement for some Australian Shepherd puppies on Craigslist.  After a few text exchanges and some research we decided we could do an Australian Shepherd.  Early Saturday morning I jumped into the truck with Ross, Zaccai, Hannah and Kaeli and we headed for Dunlap.  Now, Dunlap is about 140 miles away from Hendersonville and when we were about 20 miles out of Dunlap we got a text that basically said, “I’m not sure of my messages have been going through.  Please don’t come down yet.”  Too late.

After a few more messages we were left with the understanding that they would be ready to show us the puppies after lunch.  Four hours later we sent several more texts.  No response.  Finally, we headed home.  Once were about 30 miles outside of Dunlap we received another text apologizing for not responding and saying they weren’t sure when they would be home but they would text us when they got there.  No deal.  We headed home.

Now, before we move on with this story I need to say something about Dunlap.  Dunlap is one of those places you where you ask yourself, “Why or how did anyone ever end up here?”  We were stared at everywhere we went because it was obvious we weren’t from Dunlap.  It was kind of creepy.

Back to the story.  That night, with several very sad kids at home, I asked if the breeders could meet us half way and they said, “No.”  More sad kids.  Sunday morning, after looking through some more ads and doing some more research I thought I’d give them one more chance.  I texted and they responded.  This time I had an address and I was determined to leave Dunlap with a dog … no matter what.

So, Sunday night around 5:30, Ross and I jumped back into the car and headed for Dunlap.  This would be the third time we traveled the same road – once to Fall Creek Falls and twice to Dunlap.  We were scheduled to arrive around 7:30, but we didn’t make it there until 9:00 because we got caught up in a little accident traffic on the 40.  It was dark, so a thorough puppy inspection was difficult.  There didn’t seem to be any serious problems, so we took a chance.  The breeder told us we came the back and suggested we take the 24 back to Hendersonville.

Ezra the Australian Shepherd (8 weeks old)

The 24 was a good idea until we pulled off to get something to drink and then couldn’t get back on the freeway.  The ramp was so closed so we had to follow a super windy back road detour.  All three of us almost lost it.  Finally, we made it home around 11:30 with pup in hand.

That is how Ezra joined the family.

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