So, as the summer came to a close for our kiddos we seized one last opportunity to “homeschool” it with them and all the neighbor kids.  Our new life has a new enemy – the wasp.  Lots and lots of wasps.  We shot this nest down near the girls’ bedroom window.  Of course, we had to dissect it.  You can see all the stages of life we found in the nest beginning with the tiniest of eggs on the left all the way to the dreaded adult t wasp on the right.  Pretty awesome!


Kaeli and Crystal are always the life of the party.  To get to know our neighbors we invited them all over for a movie on the big screen (well, the living room wall anyway) complete with all sorts of flavored popcorn! (Thanks Grandmama!)  Kaeli and Crystal are great at inviting.


This young man is growing up way too fast!  The high school wouldn’t accept his transcript because he was homeschooled.  In 9th grade he took Geometry, 20th Century World History, Biology, Latin, 20th Century Literature, and P.E.  In order to register for 10th grade he had to take their 9th grade history, English, geometry, and biology final exams.  Of course, he aced them.  This year he’ll be taking Honors Algebra I (which Tennessee requires be taken in high school, even though he took it in 8th grade and passed their Geometry test), Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, English, Wellness, Visual Arts, and Honors Latin 1 and 2.


We got celebrate two birthdays before school started up.  These young ladies are growing up way too fast!  Although finances are tight (ok, non existent!) and we have no internet, the kids were generous toward one another.  They’re looking forward to Christmas because there were things they wanted to get for each other they weren’t able to right now.  I love their generous hearts.


Of course, what summer would be complete without a fishing trip!  Here’s a whopper for you!  Our first big mouth bass … delicious!  So far we’ve caught both a large mouth bass and a small mouth bass, but he was just a little fella.


Tim is holding up one of our many catfish catches.  We’ve two types of catfish so far and the kids really enjoy their meat!


Here’s Wesley with one of our most frequent catches … a bluegill.  Not much meat on these guys but if you catch enough you’ll have a meal.  We’ve also reeled in some perch and one turtle (we do not eat turtles).


This guy is the best big brother fishing helper there is.  Even the neighbor boys want him to be their big brother.  What a guy!


First day in Jr. High.


Off to 10th and 9th grade … with lockers right next to each other.  Don’t worry, Hannah will take good care of him.

IMG_0582Finally, first day in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade.  Look out school, here they come.


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